AI Automation Team For Your Skincare brand

Automating the boring side of your business with AI. Specialist in Business Automation, AI Solutions, and Shopify Development.

  • Agencies are expensive $$$ + đŸ˜©
  • Hiring Unreliable Freelancers $$$ + ⏰
  • Endless Software Subscriptions $$$ + 🔄
  • Long commitment $$$ + đŸ› ïž
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All-in-One Solution to automate your business

Founder Image
Founder Image

Agencies tie you down for far TOO long.

Not us, mate!

Although we hope you'll settle down with us, we're happy to work on project-based collaborations.

Flexibility of a freelancer with the commitment of a seasoned full-timer.

No Strings Attached

Peter Griffin Meme

Overpaying for something you didn't ask for

That makes two of us!

That's why we've adopted a clear service offering: you pay only for what you really need.

Away With Mysterious Pricing

Our Services

We Imagine a world where computers handle the boring stuff. Leaving humans to the tasks that truly matter.

Business Automation

Tools not syncing, team members missing crucial information, customers left in the dark.

Sounds familiar?

You've tried Zapier, hired freelancers, but nothing has quite worked out.

That's where we step in.

We're here to help you put your business on autopilot.

AI Solutions

LLMs, vector databases, fine-tuning, ... Huuh, what?

AI seems complex, but it's really just a nifty tool to increase your productivity (so far 😅).

We craft AI chatbots, sentiment analysis, AI agents, and more.

Shopify Development

Feel like you hit the limits of basic Shopify?

Frustrated with stacking costly apps that never fully match your needs?

You've come to the right place!

From custom apps to seamless 3rd-party integrations, we tailor solutions to your store.

No more duct tape fixes.


Wondering What We Can Do?

As this might all sound a bit wishy-washy, we think some real use cases are warranted.

And just like that, our customers found joy in their work again.

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Automated FAQ Creation for Products, Collections, and Blog Articles

A client wanted to reduce the load on their customer support team by integrating FAQ. To solve this, we introduced an AI solution that analyzed product listings and SEO research data to generate FAQs for each product to answer all customer queries. Additionally, by adding schema markup, we boosted the overall SEO ranking.

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Custom Internal AI Chatbot With Propriety Data

Facing challenges in accessing information or wasting time with constant inquiries? Our chatbot, deployable internally or externally, integrates with your static (Google Docs, Notion) and live data (HubSpot, Mailchimp). It enables customers or employees to find information easily, just like asking a colleague. For instance, “Which document has information on packaging for our Body Lotion?”

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Contextual Product Recommendations in Blogs

To increase sales from blog readers, we integrated an AI solution that strategically adds product recommendations into blog posts. This not only improved on-site SEO through enhanced linking but also led to faster conversions and increased sales, thanks to organic and contextual product placements within the articles.

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Sentiment Analysis for Help Desk Support Ticket

Zendesk's help section was overflowing with customer insights, way too much for any human to sift through. So, we rolled out an AI solution that digs into these messages, picking up on customer trends and feelings. This empowered the client to enhance their service and user experience based on data-driven decisions

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Shopify App for Easy Management of Product Certificates of Analysis

We've embedded a dashboard tool directly into Shopify Admin, enabling the addition of Certificates of Analysis (COAs) to any products. It includes a user-friendly snippet for the front-end, ensuring a sleek display.

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Competitor Monitoring

Monitor your competitors' e-commerce activities effectively by tracking their product catalogue, pricing, updates, and more. Stay ahead in the competitive landscape by keeping a close eye on their movements.

why us

why us

why us

why us

why us

why us

why us

Why work with us

We're not your average agency (I know, I know, but hear me out). Our experience in the independent D2C scene, in different roles both in the office and remotely, has given us a insights into effective teamwork and delivering tangible value.

Plug-and-Play Team

Hiring a full-time employee might not make sense, but you still want someone who feels like a dependable team member. That's where we come in! We step in to fill those gaps in your growing team.

Understanding D2C Needs & Challenges

We do more than just software.

Our experience in the D2C scene, from the specifics of private-label manufacturing to the intricacies of cross-border VAT and EU Cosmetics Regulation, helps us better understand your problems.

Based here in Europe

We get the culture, the languages, and all those little differences that make each country unique.

Sure, we're all part of a big global family, but when it comes to business, every country has its own special way of doing things.


Skincare goes beyond mere products; it's a statement of care and individuality.

We see the challenges in this vibrant yet crowded market.


In a world where well-being is paramount, we're inspired by brands that bring essential supplements to the forefront.

& 420

As advocates for wellness and balance, we're drawn to the transformative potential of substances. Our focus is on empowering brands committed to quality and safety.

Pet Care

Pets are family, and we believe they deserve the best. Our commitment is to brands that produce top-notch pet food, ensuring our furry friends get the nutrition they need.


As sports enthusiasts (with Matija boasting a 1000+ day running streak), we deeply understand the importance of quality activewear.

In constant need for new running shoes.

Our Purpose Driven Approach

Our choice of niches is intentional and meaningful. We're not just to chase what’s trendy.

We choose to work with brands whose products we personally use and believe in.

We're selective.

If you're in one of our niches, we think we could be a great match!


How we work

Is as easy as pie. Here's how we usually proceed:

Send Us a Message Or Book a Call

Start by filling out our contact form with your project ideas or challenges or book a Zoom call in you prefer it via voice.

Receive a Proposal

Within 48 hours of our consultation call, you will receive a detailed proposal, including project scope, timeline, and cost, tailored to your requirements.

Project Kick-Off

After agreeing on the proposal, we will begin working on the project, ensuring timely execution and quality results. We will stay in touch and work with you back-and-forth.

Ready to put your business on autopilot?

We are excited to help you break free from the mundane, or simply have a chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about business automations, you'll find the most frequently asked ones by our customers below. If you wanna know more, just shoot us an email!

Matija Ćœiberna, Developer & Idea Generator

when he's not busy coding up a storm, you can find him breaking a sweat with his favorite sports or taking an icy cold plunge (because apparently that's a thing)

Katharina, Product, UX/UI

when no runnig the show, you can find her soakin up the sun with a hot cup of coffeein hand, and dominating the beach volleyball court with her competitive edge

About Us

Meet the dream-chasing Duo

United by love and bound by a shared vision, we're on a mission to identify and validate problems, and craft innovative solutions.  

It all started when we were just a couple of young dreamers, each with aspirations of starting our own businesses. Despite hailing from different countries, life had a unique way of bringing us together. Our paths crossed during our Erasmus exchange, and little did we know, this serendipitous encounter would ignite a journey of entrepreneurship. Driven by our passion for shifting from consumers to creators, we reached a tipping point in the summer of 2022.  

Emboldened, we took a leap of faith, said goodbye to our day jobs, and plunged headfirst into the world of problem-solving. That pivotal decision led us to where we are now – working hand in hand, transforming visions into reality through web development.