Web Scraping Services For D2C Brands

We help you extract, clean and process data for your sales and marketing needs.

Let Sales Sell, Marketers Market

Sales and marketing teams shouldn't be burdened with data gathering.

Sales Wastes Time On Generating Instead On Closing Leads

Every sales person will tell you that manual data extraction is soul-sucking. Not only that, but it distracts them from doing what’s important: talking to customers.

You Are Losing Your Patience With Freelancers From Fiverr

At first, you tried too good to be true priced freelancers, but the costs (and frustrations) escalated due to back-and-forth communication, misunderstandings, and project delays.

Tired Of Wasting Time & Money On Bad Scraping Tool

Beyond not delivering on their promises, they waste both your money on subscription and more importantly your precious time.

Pick One Of Our Scraping Services

Whether it's monitoring competitors' social media activities, extracting information from trade show exhibitors, or sourcing B2B leads from Google Maps.

Website Scraping

Starting from99€

Perfect for project where you need to scrape data from website. Easy price scraping and competitor monitoring from dynamically rendered sites.

  • One-time scraping

  • Interval-based scraping

  • Real-Time scraping

Social Media Scraping

Starting from199€

Be it posts from Facebook Group, list of members from LinkedIn Groups, or people who liked Instagram post.

  • Support all major platforms (X, Facebook, Instagram, Trustpilot)

  • Linkedin profile scraper

B2B Contact Database

Starting from399€

A solid B2B database is crucial if you want to succeed in engaging the right type of prospects and buyers.

  • Targeted email list

  • Cleaned & verififed information

  • Ready for your CRM

Something Different?

Starting from0€

Got unique requirements or a complex project? Let's tailor our services to fit your exact needs.

  • Sensitive data

  • Advanced use Cases

Tell Me,
Why You?

Besides being pleasant to work with (😀) you might consider the following reasons.

đŸ€– Business First Mentality

We find the right tech fixes for your business problems. Once we're on the same page, we'll deliver results without unnecessary back-and-forth

🚚 Right Here In Europe

We get how the European market works, making sure our services fit in with what's needed locally and legally. Knowing that Companies House works best for the UK and PagesJaunes for France helps.

🔹Fun fact: Scraping was our ever service offered.

Since then 30,000 leads were generated for various businesses in independent D2C along with countless of data-points. Delivered to you in a format of your choice.

Looking to extract information from website?

We help you scrape data from any website, generate B2B contact databases and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got more questions than answers about scraping? Check this out – it might just clear things up for you.