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We help you with Shopify custom app and storefront development, 3rd party integrations, store migration and more.

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But Isn’t Shopify Good Enough Already?

Shopify is a near-perfect e-commerce solution that works out of the box. However, as businesses grow so do their needs. As you look for solutions to your problems you might face the following.

Marketplace Apps That Don’t Work

You've tried countless apps from the marketplace, but none of them work just the way you want them to. Or perhaps your e-commerce fulfilment partner uses IT systems from the 00s?

Tired Of Paying Subscriptions

Are you annoyed that you need to pay a subscription for every little addition that should be included in your Shopify subscription?

Clueless Freelancers & Agencies

Are you tired of working with clueless freelancers and agencies that just don't understand your business?

What’s The Deal?

We customize Shopify to meet your unique needs, ensuring a seamless integration within the Shopify ecosystem. Here are our Shopify development services.

3rd Party Integrations

Starting from80€

Frustrated with unreliable or non-existent integrations? We bridge the gap, ensuring your Shopify store communicates seamlessly with external tools.

  • User-friendly dashboard

  • Instant updates

  • Handles high-volume

  • Email notifications on fails

Shopify Migration

Starting from399€

Thinking of switching to or from Shopify? Make the move with confidence. Our migration services ensure a seamless transition, preserving your data and maintaining uninterrupted operations.

  • No data loss

  • No downtime

  • Supports all major CMS

Shopify Custom App Development

Starting from499€

A fully custom app designed to address your specific needs, seamlessly embedded into your Shopify Admin.

  • Embedded in your Shopify Dashboard

  • Shopify Online Store 2.0 Ready

  • Front & back-end apps

Shopify Custom Storefront

Starting from1999€

Existing themes don't cut it? No worries, we can help you build custom storefront foy your e-commerce needs.

  • Online Store 2.0 ready

  • Highly customisable & performant theme

  • SEO optimised

  • Built with NextJs

  • Figma assets included

Cool, I Get It,
But Why Choose You?

We may not be the flashiest Shopify agency, and we can't show off a laundry list of enterprise clients.

đŸŠč‍♂ Interest In Shopify & AI (duuh) (duuh)

We recognize the power of AI in boosting workflow efficiency for D2C brands. From analysing customer support ticket sentiment to refreshing content in outdated blog articles, our AI solutions elevate your brand and adhere to European regulations like GDPR.

đŸ‘©â€đŸš€ Passion For The D2C Model

We're excited about the flourishing European D2C scene. It's inspiring to see purpose-driven individuals making their dreams come true, capturing market share with a mix of outstanding products and smart marketing. What's there not to like?

🌞 Heart In EU Market

We're deeply rooted in Europe, having lived in several countries. This experience gives us a unique understanding of the nuances across member states, from cross-border importation to identifying the best 3PLs to work with. We bring more than just technical solutions to the table

Help Me Grow My Business On Shopify

We can help you extend functionality of your Shopify admin, touch-up your product page or many other little things.

Frequently Asked Questions

Perhaps you might find the most commonly asked questions from our customers helpful.