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Integrate AI into your business in a way that's actually useful, without fluff or buzzwords.

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You Are Probably Tired Of Hearing About AI

We are not here to host a course on “How to Use ChatGPT” nor preach the potential of AI. Instead, we help brands that don’t have millions to spend or shareholders to impress to enjoy the benefits of artificial intelligence.

Automate With AI

AI can automate low cognitive complexity tasks, handling decisions similarly to us. Sure, it's a bit less sharp, but it gets the job done. Imagine letting AI pick the right customer reply, or engage with social media comments. It's more than mere automation; it's intelligent problem-solving.

Understand Your Data

Feeling drained from crunching spreadsheets, and sifting through (dull) data? AI helps you uncover useful insights about what your customers think and need, enabling you to leverage your data for product improvement.

Quick Access To Information

Ever get annoyed searching for info you know you have but just can't find? With AI, it’s like finding it in a snap. Think of it as your personal assistant for your own data. Get essential info delivered right to your fingertips.

Cut To The Chase, What Can You Do For Me?

We thought long and hard how to make AI most useful to aspiring independent brands. Here are the AI-based solutions we came up with.

AI Chatbot For Your Website

Starting from199

A smart chatbot trained on your data, ensuring accurate and relevant responses.

  • 24/7 customer support

  • Trained on your data

  • Query forwarding

  • Analytics dashboard

AI Document Search & Management

Starting from399

Cut through the clutter of document management, making data handling a breeze.

  • Search through data using natural language

  • User-friendly interface

  • Semantic search (by meaning)

AI Sentiment Analysis

Starting from399

AI helps to discover and measure how customers feel about your product, brand, or service.

  • Identify most common issues

  • Reduce load on customer-support staff

  • Support all major help-desk tools (Zendesk, Helpscout, …)

Something Else?

Starting from0

Whether you want someone to show you, tell you, or just do it all for you, we’ve got you covered

  • Advanced use cases

  • Fine-tuning closed & open models on propriety data

  • Setting locally run models

  • RAG enhanced knowledge retrieval

But Why Us,
You Might Ask

Mixing our love for independent brands, the underdog story if you’d like, with our interest in AI.

🦹‍♂️ No-Bullshit Approach

We despise empty buzzwords almost as much as copy-pasting, and in the world of AI, they are everywhere. We distil AI to its essence: a powerful tool to maximise your productivity.

👩‍🚀 We Feel For The Underdog Story

Passion and driven people who turn their dreams into reality and carve up a slice of the market. Doing so by creating great products and smart marketing while taking on big players. What’s not to like?

🌞 Vibe Check?

We're easy-going but fiercely committed to our work. We love partnering with brands that vibe on the same wavelength.

Bring AI to your business in a way that makes a difference

Say no to spending mental effort on draining tasks and let AI do it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about ai solutions, you'll find the most frequently asked ones by our customers below. If you wanna know more, just shoot us an email!